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Stearman 4E  4EM (1/6 Scale)  Parts Set by Bates

Stearman 4E 4EM (1/6 Scale) Parts Set by Bates

Ref: bates-stearpk

Scale: 1/6, Wingspan: 76”
Wing Area: 1230 sq. in. Length: 59”
Height: 20 3/8”, Weight: 12-14 lbs.
Power: .90 to 1.08 glow, 1.20 4-stroke

This plan is one of the finest, most beautifully prepared set of drawings, I have ever
seen. Robert Sweitzer has detailed everything including, landing gear, scale-like
control systems, servo and radio installation, 1/4 scale cockpit and interior details,
flying wire and strut fittings, and even the scale propeller. Numerous isometric details
are included to help with construction. The fuselage can be framed from 1/4” and
3/16” hardwood dowels for scale realism or you can use square spruce or basswood.
Wings are plug-in type with cabane and upper center section remaining in place on
the fuselage. Color and marking details are shown for several versions including
“Canadian Airways Limited – Royal Mail” and Standard Oil of California”.

The Belair parts set is cut from Jerry's original CAD data and includes all shaped balsa and plywood parts required to build the airframe, including bulkheads, formers, fuselage components, wing ribs, tail and fin parts, landing gear mounts plus many smaller items. Plans not included and are available from Jerry directly.

RRP: 450.00 Inc VAT
Sales price: 370.00 was 450.00 Inc VAT
425.50 USD | 362.60 EUR
You save 80.00 (18%)

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