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Davis D1W - 1/4 scale

Davis D1W - 1/4 scale

Ref: tmp-davis

The Davis D1W is a fine flying plane and is quite accurate in outline and construction and features an exact scale airfoil. The wing is two plug in panels to a fixed center section. Construction is conventional balsa, spruce and ply.

Using these plans, you may also build the Davis D1K or the D1L as there are only minor differences in them. The landing gear shown the plans is fully shock absorbing and scale. The plane is aerobatic and fairly fast.

Supplied as a parts set containing all shaped balsa and plywood parts as shown on the plans required to build the basic airframe. Stripwood and covering to be supplied by the builder.

SPECS: Davis D1W 1/4 scale Wingspan- 90.5" Wing area- 1267 sq. in. Weight- 18-20 lbs. Power- 42cc or similar

Multi-sheet Plans included.

Price: 210.00 Inc VAT
241.50 USD | 205.80 EUR

Available within 10-12 working days

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