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Funk B85C by TMP

Funk B85C by TMP

Ref: tmp-funkpk

The Funk 85C is a post-war design for the civilian market. Owners of the full size Funks love the plane. It was quite roomy, fairly fast, and nice looking. Our Funk plans allow you to build a model that flies every bit as good as the full size plane.

The designer quotes "We were fortunate to have the help of several Funk owners when this plane was designed. In addition, the late Lou Chappo and Dale Beach of the Funk club assisted with the project".

The 1/4 scale Funk has a two piece wing with aluminum tubes. The planes are of conventional wood construction and covered in Ceconite. The 1/5 scale Funk uses a one piece wing that bolts directly to the fuselage. All accessories available from Belair Scale.

SPECS 1/4 Scale Funk Wingspan- 105” Wing area- 1500 sq. in. Weight- 17-18 lbs. Power- 26cc engine .

1/5 Scale Funk Wingspan- 84” Wing area- 1008 sq. in. Weight- 8-3/4 lbs. Power- .61-.70 F.S.

Plans included.

Price: 230.00 Inc VAT
264.50 USD | 225.40 EUR

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