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Sopwith Baby by MAN - Parts Set

Sopwith Baby by MAN - Parts Set

Ref: man-fsp02991

This unusual and very attractive WW I biplane is relatively easy to build and fly. Construction is typical built-up balsa and spruce, and flying wires are not required; the wings are strong enough without them. The cabane struts are wood and removable so wing alignment and model disassembly isn't complicated. Additional Information: Wingspan: 77 in. Length: 50 in. Engine Used: 3.7 ci (45 cc) Radio Req'd: 4 channels

The Belair Parts Set features accurately laser cut parts, such as firewall, formers , wing ribs, plus all the shaped balsa and plywood parts shown on the plan. Builder needs  to supply standard strip and covering. Start building today.

Plans are not included in parts sets and are available from Air Age at https://www.airagestore.com

Price: 320.00 Inc VAT
368.00 USD | 313.60 EUR

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