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Ryan STA - 1/4 scale

Ryan STA - 1/4 scale

Ref: man-ryanpk

Ryan STA - 1/4 scale This design combines the style of “Golden Age” aircraft with modern-day aerobatic performance. Burnis Fields’ 1986 1/4-scale plan is beautifully drawn and includes building illustrations. WS: 91 in.; WS: 91 in.; L: 67.5 in.; area: 1,296.75 sq. in.; engine: 1.5; 5 channels.

The Belair Parts Set includes all wood shaped parts, including fuselage components, formers, wing ribs, fillet ply, tail and fin parts, wing joiners, cowl rings etc. Just add strip and sheet.

Plans are not included in parts sets and are available from Air Age at https://www.airagestore.com

Price: 350.00 Inc VAT
402.50 USD | 343.00 EUR

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