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IL-2 Sturmovik Type 3 by Dave Andersen
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IL-2 Sturmovik Type 3 by Dave AndersenIL-2 Sturmovik Type 3 by Dave Andersen

IL-2 Sturmovik Type 3 by Dave Andersen

Ref: da-sturm

David's IL-2 Sturmovik designed is an exact 1/5 Scale and as always is suitable for R/C competition, a museum static display or everyday enjoyment at your R/C flying field!  This aircraft, like other Andersen Designs can have a two piece fuselage for easy transport

Screaming out of the sky toward formations of heavy Nazi tanks, the IL-2 Sturmovik unleashes a stream of destruction from its four machine guns and two heavy rocket cannons that spit forth explosive incendiary shells.  Tanks, trucks, and supply trains are blasted apart, and then eight 125-pound bombs and a large number of incendiaries turn the wreckage into a shambles.  One of the best planes developed by any nation in WWII, the Nazi called them "Black Death" .


Design Specifications

  Wingspan: 114" 2.90m
  Wing Area 2560 sq inches
  Length: 90" 2.86m
  Engines: 70cc      to 100cc
  Weight: 35 lbs 15.9 kilos

The Belair Parts Set contains all shaped balsa and plywood parts required for the basic airframe, such as formers, bulkheads, fuselage sides, fuselage wing fillets, tailgear mount, wing ribs, nose cowl formers, main gear supports, tailplane and fin parts, ribs, LE, plus many smaller useful parts and gussets. Please note the parts set contains the standard engine option formers shown on the plan, Dave has shown a twin cylinder petrol and electric power setups, these are available as additional options from the drop down menu below.

The Parts Set will save you days of tedious hand cutting, just requiring striwpood and sheeting/covering to be supplied. All these are standard sizes and specified on the plans. Plans not included, available as an accessory below.

Price: 480.00 Inc VAT
552.00 USD | 470.40 EUR

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