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Dizzy Diesel pylon model

Dizzy Diesel pylon model

Ref: ot-dizz

Parts Set for the attractive Dizzy Diesel pylon model, which includes all the shaped balsa and plwyood parts required to build the basic airframe, such as formers, horizontal and vertical crutches, pylon mounts for wing and tail, shaped and notched wing spars, tail spar, tail ribs, dihedral braces, fin shapes, wing and tail outlines including shaped trailing edges.


Use original PET 276 Aeromodeller plan or current copy from http://www.myhobbystore.co.uk/product/15749/pet276--dizzy-diesel. Builder needs to supply plan and stripwood/covering. Thank you to RC Groups for the finished model photo.

Price: 50.00 Inc VAT
57.50 USD | 49.00 EUR

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