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A range of traditional wood construction Jet designs. Includes the popular Vampire by Kerry Sterner and the Turbinator & Panther F9F by Ziroli.

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Price: 90.00 Inc VAT

99.00 USD | 106.54 EUR

Plan set for DH-110 Sea Vixen by Sterner

Ref: ks-vixenpl
Genuine sheet plan set for the DH Sea Vixen by Kerry Sterner. The DH Sea Vixen is completely CAD drawn and these highly developed plans are very clear and easy to follow.

RRP: 395.00 Inc VAT
Sales price: 365.00 Inc VAT

401.50 USD | 432.09 EUR
You save 30.00 (8%)

Siemens SSW-D.III 1/3rd scale

Ref: ks-siem
Siemens SSW-D.III. Superb 1/3rd scale model of the Siemens SSW-D.III, as designed by Kerry and Keith Sterner. All wood construction using proven techniques and materials, this design bulds into ...

Siemens SSW-D.III 1/3rd scale

RRP: 750.00 Inc VAT
Price: 695.00 Inc VAT

764.50 USD | 822.75 EUR
You save 55.00 (7%)

Tricycle Gear for DH-110 Sea Vixen

Ref: ks-vxmains
Tricycle gear for the DH-110 Sea Vixen manufactured by Sierra Giant Scale to their very exact standards. Designed especially for the Sea Vixen.   Requires an air control kit to operate, please call ...

Tricycle Gear for DH-110 Sea Vixen

RRP: 245.00 Inc VAT
Price: 245.00 Inc VAT

269.50 USD | 290.03 EUR

Ziroli Turbinator Parts Set

Ref: zir-turb
The Turbinator Sport Jet is the latest design from Ziroli. It is an easy to build jet that makes a great Jet Trainer. The traditional balsa/ply construction is tough and handles the high loads you will ...

Ziroli Turbinator Parts Set

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